Your Posture May be the Reason Why…….

Your neck hurts

Your back hurts

Your fingers hurt

Your hip hurts


And so much more. Did you know that poor posture in everyday life may be the reason why you constantly have to take pain meds?

How are you holding your phone while typing away on your computer? Or is it how you sit after a long day at work?


Almost everyone has a smartphone now and unhealthy phone habits may be increasing your levels of discomfort. What then can you do?


  • Use a handsfree for when your hands are busy and unable to put the phone to your ears
  • Use the speakerphone option
  • Lift the phone to your eye level and not drop your neck down and forward
  • Lift your computer screen up to eye level as well and adjust the brightness to a suitable one
  • Take breaks from continuous typing away on your keypads, keyboards and mobile devices
  • Be physically involved in exercises. Ensure to include a mix of aerobics, strength training and stretches in your routines.
  • See your physiotherapist as soon as you can

This February we will look more into Posture and how to adopt correct postures in our day to day life.


Your body is yours to care for

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