Yoga At The Beach + Joy To The Ward = Our Christmas Specials


The weekend of 14th and 15th December will forever go down in our history books as the weekend we yet again did things never done before. We as a Physiotherapy clinic and service provider took some friends to a day of fun, Yoga, Charades, Aerobics and Dance at the Oniru Private Beach. We thought, why not? We had such an amazing time doing some stretches with our Yogi, and the Dj took us on a ride down memory lane with songs fro legends such as Lagbaja. There were lots to eat and drink too.


The next day, we were at the Children’s Ward of the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi. We treated the children and staff to a house party that was paid for by generous friends of our private physiotherapy clinic. We had reached out via our Social Media platforms to appeal to friends and well-wishers. The outpouring of love was just amazing. It is worth mentioning that there are 2 precious children who have been abandoned in the hospital. They are technically not patients as they have no hospital records. On two different occasions almost 20 years apart [1994 and 2013], they both were brought into the outpatient clinic of the hospital and left alone by whoever brought them in. Since then, the hospital has housed them and they have been dependent on the goodwill of strangers. We got them toiletries, beverages, clothing and other items the nurses said they needed. We also plan to make them special chairs in the new year. We, however, wondered if it will be possible to raise funds for some surgeries to help correct some severe deformities in the extremities. The highlight of the party was when one of them raised his arms to dance and sing along with us. Oh, the JOY!!!!!!! If you looked closely at the photos, he is the one we were cheering on and with the elderly woman in green Ankara.


Here some photos from both events for your viewing pleasure.


We really thank you all for your support in 2019. Hope to do more with you come 2020


May all your Christmases be Merry


Yoga At The Beach + Joy To The Ward = Our Christmas Special

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