Seniors Day Out – Fun in the Park


We want to bring together twenty (20) senior citizens and engage in life-benefiting physical activities, all surrounded by nature.

The venue, ‘The Lekki Conservation Center’ is rich in history and would be a great place to visit. So, why not come or signup your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.



Healthy active lifestyle retiree for the Elderly. Image from Google

You may have wondered why seniors? The World Health Organization recommends a 150min/week moderate intensity or 75min/week vigorous intensity for people 64years and over. This helps improve balance, coordination, strength, improve capacity to carry out daily activities, improve memory and cognition, improves mood and mental health, even delay and may slow the progression of some diseases.

Come join us on Wednesday, the 29th of May for a time of refreshing. Please see here for more information


This event is brought to you in partnership with The TVPAdventures

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