Seniors Day Out – Fun in the Park in Pictures

Such fun images and if pictures are worth a thousand, these are definitely worth a billion. Our program was designed around the 5 core areas of Senior fitness namely, aerobics, strengthening, flexibility/stretching, Balance/Coordination and Relaxation.

For the paired game of catch, we alternated with one leg in front to throw. We also explored side throws as well as overhead throws. It was soo much fun.We used the TIMED UP and Go test to assess risk of falls among participants and thereafter talked about Fall Prevention [very dear to me]. For our memory exercise, we had Seniors pick a folded paper from a box where we had secretly written decades in figures I.e. From the 50s to the 90s. It was such a time of learning as Nigeria’s history poured forth from eyewitness accounts. We learned of the Civil War, Operation WẸ TIẸ̀, women driving, currency devaluation, the WAI [War Agaisnt Indiscipline] which was enforced by the them military regime of Head of State Muhammadu Buhari. We also learnt of Earnest Shonekan addressing himself as the Military President, which I thought was an irony. We had a mini debate on whether history, our own history should be taught in high schools and it was a uninanimous agreement that it should be so.

When the weather changed and it began to pour, we shook off the cold by asking Seniors, one after the other, to teach us old school dance moves. We were almost dancing in the rain.

A day that consisted of
✔️ A nature walk
✔️ Feeding fishes in a pond
✔️ Playing catch with new friends
✔️ Lifting weights
✔️ Dance aerobics
✔️ History lessons
✔️ Prized games
✔️ Packed lunch with fruits, fruit drinkamd lots of water, fun and laughter was a day well spent.

THANK YOU to the people who helped make it happen

-My team-Dara @white_sucre and Aisha [she couldn’t handle our poses]

The team from – -@tvpadventures who created an experience not to be forgotten. You may learn more about them here. Should you be planning or needing someone to make your next travel experience worthwhile, they’re your goto guide

-Anayo Offor

Let us also inform you that the next Seniors Day Out – Fun in the Park event will hold on the 29th of June at the Kanu Ndubuisi Park, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.


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