Seniors Day Out – Fun in the Park 2.0

More and More Seniors are embracing the need to Live Actively and we at Pro-health Community Physiotherapy are glad to be at the fore leading and urging them on. For this event, we had the Nigerian Association of Retired Persons 50 Plus [NARP50+] and GeroCare join us to make it worthwhile. The venue was the serene Kanu Ndibuisi Park, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. The NARP50+ came with some of their members, gave out gifts and even staged a raffle. Gerocare came with Medical Personnel and looked after participants checking their vitals and overall wellness.

winner of raffle

Our outing which was themed ‘Falls Prevention’ saw in attendance eight [8] seniors. We had a Physiotherapist give a presentation on Falls – what a fall is, classifications, proper ways to fall, and how to get up from a fall. There was a Q&A session, after which we asked a volunteer participant to demonstrate to us the proper way to get up from a fall as earlier demonstrated. After this, another Physiotherapist took a group session on exercises to help improve balance and strengthen lower limb muscles.

Participant demonstrating how to get up from a fall

And then BINGO! happened. What’s a gathering of Seniors without Bingo? We had two winners even. What Joy!! Thereafter we moved on to a game of Ludo. You know, just because we can.


The next event had all of us, participants and physiotherapists alike all excited. We took participants on a journey of non-contact boxing. They were pleasantly surprised. Some Expressed their reservations, but we assured them that boxing has been shown to help movement and balance in older adults living with Parkinson’s. Hence, why we included it in. We also had an Aerobics Dance session.

The final activity for the day was our History and Storytelling time. We heard the tale of how the tortoise cracked his shell and to this day, still the same. We also heard of personal accounts of an attempt to adopt a child here in Nigeria but the process was actually set up to not make that happen. Another participant corroborated this by telling of her own account and how the officers told her to her face, ‘they wouldn’t give the Muslim child to a non-Muslim’. Female Genital Mutilation was another history lesson we learned about. Finally, we heard from a Veteran who fought in the Civil War, the memories live with them till date.

In all, it was a great day, with the perfect weather as the sun came out to play. It had been a rather wet week prior to the day of the event.

We love when children come along with their parent. Thanks, Dami!!!


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