Physiotherapy and Public Transportation

You may wonder, just what does a  physiotherapist have to say about public transportation? Quite a lot, is the answer. In a society where a majority of the populace depend on one form of public/commercial transportation or another, your Community physiotherapist has so many things to tell you.

  • Advocate for proper and safe bus-stops [for ease of pickup and drop-off] – without these in place, we have people alighting in a hurry, drivers get impatient and can’t wait to zoom off because they do not want to be arrested by city officials. These have led to several incidents of falls, especially in elderly people when they lose their balance.

  • Advocate for safer vehicles with proper seats, to prevent back pain, give adequate leg room to prevent cramping and comfort for passengers with pre-existing knee conditions.
  • Ensure public places have ramps and elevators for people with disabilities to also effectively use public facilities
  • The importance of safe use of the pedestrian bridge cannot be over-emphasized. As much as you can do not attempt to run across the highway
  • Advocate for proper sidewalks on all side roads
  • Do not attempt to cross the road ‘quickly’ when the traffic sign is green for motorists

When Road Traffic Accidents [RTAs] or Motor Vehicular Accidents occur, most victims will be seen by a physiotherapist at some point in their journey to recovery – if they are lucky to make it out alive.

Safety, exercising caution for all road users especially public transportation is very important.


Watch out for the post on the proper way to ride on an Okada [commercial motorcycle]


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June 8, 2017 at 18:12

Very insightful piece..weldone

June 8, 2017 at 17:32
– In reply to: Olakanmi

Thank you very much. It is important that we raise awareness Olakanmi

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