Men’s Health Focus Group Series 1.0 and 2.0 2019

For two months this year, we hosted men to a special exercise class focusing on them and their well-being. Based on a personal social survey conducted by us, we discovered that men would open-up and talk about all that bothers them if given the right opportunity. This goes against what the society has forced upon men, to be not vulnerable and to carry on like they’ve got it all together. With the alarming figures on the rise of suicide, depression and other mental illnesses in men, we could not pass up the opportunity to get men together. The first event held on the 16th of March and the second on the 20th of April.

16th March

At this class,[which had participants in their 30s and 40s] one key thing participants learned was “Know your family history”. Dr Agbeyangi tasked us all to immediately call up parents [If alive] or oldest Uncle/Aunt [if parents have passed on] to get details of a medical condition that may seem to run in the family.

Another thing was the attitude to health-seeking behaviour in Men, to which “denial” and “apathy” were discussed.

I especially liked that participants opened about their health scares and lifestyle. One major problem that they all agreed to was “Stress” which could be a sum total of all that is going on in one’s head.

See here for pictures of the event held on the 16th.


20th April

At this class, we began with a session of aerobics and it was so great. The men came in and were all buff initially, but after a 30mins period, they were left speechless literally. The facilitator, Dr Agbeyangi, opened up the discussion by laying emphasis on health prioritisation especially in a fast-paced world as ours. He advocated for the inclusion of at least 30mins of Physical Activity in our daily lives, and we got practical ways to do this. [the participants each recognized their individual routines and we all suggested ways to do this]

See here for some pictures of the event held on the 20th


We look forward to hosting you for our Back Class on the 18th of May



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